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Best Survival Knife for Chopping Wood


There are a number of things that you should look for when trying to find the best survival knife for chopping wood. There are many types of survival knives on the market but there are some specific things that you should look for if chopping is your primary intended use.  Not all …

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How To Sharpen A Knife


Sharpening a knife is a skill well worth mastering to keep your knives at optimum performance level. In this review, we will look at knife sharpening methods and the best knife sharpeners. To sharpen your knife you will need to grind and hone it on sharpening stones, whetstones (the word …

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Key Urban Survival Tips


Perhaps many people who live in rural areas can survive by “living off the land” when a disaster strikes, but how can people who live in urban areas survive a widespread disaster? Millions of city dwellers throughout the U.S. the past few years have lost their power and/or were without …

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10 Tips on How To Survive a Hurricane


Each year we have an increasing number of floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters. We can’t resist them, but we can learn to behave in similar circumstances. When an extreme situation occurs, many of us start to panic and forget about everything learned before. So, how to behave in a …

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