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Best Survival Knife for Chopping Wood


There are a number of things that you should look for when trying to find the best survival knife for chopping wood. There are many types of survival knives on the market but there are some specific things that you should look for if chopping is your primary intended use.  Not all …

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Top 9 Survival Tips When You Are Traveling


In spite of the precarious nature of the world these days, many Americans still travel to other states as well as to other nations. Nine Traveling Survival Tips The following represents a list of survival tips that can help a person stay safe and secure while he or she ventures …

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10 Camping Tips to Help You Survive Everywhere


Camping sounds like a whole lot of fun, doesn’t it? When you were kids, summer camps were great sources of joy as it meant meeting new friends, enjoying the outdoors and basically, just having the time of your lives! Right now, you still camp just for kicks, whenever you have …

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How To Survive In A Survival Camping


For people who are heavily stressed out, they would normally opt for some activities that would give them renewed energy. This comes in the form of recreational activities. For the adventurous type of people, the kind of recreational activity that they would choose is camping. It provides them a way to …

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Survival Camping: Dare or Chicken Out?


Survival is defined as a living or enduring longer than, or beyond the existence of another person or thing. It is a state of remaining alive after series of trials. It can be tested through many ways. One best way to test it is through camping. Camping has been a …

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How To Sharpen A Knife


Sharpening a knife is a skill well worth mastering to keep your knives at optimum performance level. In this review, we will look at knife sharpening methods and the best knife sharpeners. To sharpen your knife you will need to grind and hone it on sharpening stones, whetstones (the word …

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Hydration On The Move


Hydration packs for clean drinking water on the move. Keeping your fluids up when in trying situations and hot temperatures is vital to your survival and there should be no compromise when choosing how and what to carry your water supply in. Things have moved on from the standard issue water …

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The Call to Awareness


Imagine the world with no shops, with nowhere to buy even essential items, no power grid and most importantly no food provisions or water distribution… This may seem far-fetched at times, but a very large and increasing amount of people on our planet live like that right now. If we …

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Key Urban Survival Tips


Perhaps many people who live in rural areas can survive by “living off the land” when a disaster strikes, but how can people who live in urban areas survive a widespread disaster? Millions of city dwellers throughout the U.S. the past few years have lost their power and/or were without …

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