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Top 3 Best Fixed-Blade Hunting Knives


Before giving you the answer as to which are the best hunting knives, it’s always good to know the meaning of the term “hunting knife” and why it is an essential tool to have when going out in the wild. A hunting knife is a type of knife that’s used during …

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Top 3 Best Bushcraft Knives


Before giving you my answer for the best bushcraft knives I’ve found, let me first give you the meaning of the term “bushcraft” and why it pays to get a good bushcraft knife when outdoors. The term “bushcraft” was introduced by the “Bush Tucker Man“, Les Hiddins and Mors Kochanski, …

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Everything about batoning


What is Batoning? Batoning is a skill that’s used to cut wood with the help of several different tools instead of using just one tool. Usually, you would use a baton or mallet to hit against a chisel or knife to split the wood in half or into smaller pieces …

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Top 3 Best Folding Hunting Knives


Kershaw Ken Onion Blur   The Kershaw Ken Onion Blur is a best folding hunting knife that is designed to provide excellent performance no matter what the job is. Its blade is made of durable stainless steel with Tungsten DLC coating that makes it efficient to use for outdoor use. …

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Handmade Hunting Knives: Better than Factory Knives?


For most of us, almost all the hunting knives we’ve used, or are familiar with, are factory-made knives. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. Just like everything else, technology has caught up with the knife-manufacturing industry. Modern knives made in factories are great, and often, they are just as …

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Guided Whitetail Deer Hunting


Picking A Guide For A Whitetail Deer Hunt If you are going to plan a guided whitetail deer hunting trip; here are items and useful information that you will want to consider and research for your benefit. Your main considerations are; when to go on your guided deer hunt, where …

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Archery Hunting Equipment


Equipment Needed For Archery Hunting The right Archery hunting Equipment will make you a better deer hunter. Today, all you have to do is pick up a catalog like Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops Archery specialists catalog to see how this great deer hunting activity has evolved. The art of …

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Guide to Deer Hunting Stands


Stands used for Hunting Trophy Deer Today’s Deer Hunting Stands come in many styles and sizes. Some are home built; but today, most are bought from sporting goods stores or online. The deer hunting stand is by far one of the most important accessories a whitetail deer hunter can own …

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How To Be Safe During Deer Hunting?


Safety Hunting Whitetail Deer Practicing deer hunting safety may save your life someday. Hunting safety cannot be taken for granted. Safelyhunting whitetail deer can be taught and must always be practiced when hunting. All it takes is a mental lapse for only a split moment, and it could change your …

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