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Guide for making a Camping Checklist

Preparation for traveling or camping can sometimes be difficult. But camping is always an enjoyable and fun activity. You can go camping with your friends and family. You could go camping in the mountains, forests, fields and meadows. For some people packaging for camping is always very difficult and sometimes boring. But here is the good news – you can do the packing for camping easy and fun. All you have to do is to write a camping checklist.
Many people prefer making a camping checklist because it makes them more organized. With the aid of camping, checklist packing will be easier. With this camping checklist, you will never forget something for your camping trip. We all know how bad it is to forget something back at home. Sometimes we forget basics things that we really need. So with a camping checklist that will be in the past. If you can write a good and very organized camping checklist that will be more helpful than to think what you forgot to pack, what other things you need to pack, etc.

Sometimes forgetting things at home can be very frustrating and irritating and can ruin your camping trip altogether. On the camping checklist first you must write down your necessary things like camping equipment (sleeping bag, cups, some camping accessories, tent, etc.), your personal things like a mobile phone, some money, and keys from your house, cosmetics, brush and toothpaste, some clothes, etc. Perhaps you could leave your mobile phone at home because you are going on camping, but that is your own decision.

Examples of how to write a camping checklist

Camping GearYou could read some books about camping which have examples of a camping checklist, with text and pictures, or you can search it on the Internet. If you have friends who love to go camping, you could ask them how they prepare for camping. Do they write their own camping checklist or not? Also, if they make a camping checklist you could write your camping checklist like theirs or you could make up your own, with your ideas and needs.
After forgetting important items on many occasions, we have devised a camping checklist of the most useful equipment to pack for camping excursions. This list has been recreated below and can be printed to ensure you don’t forget any crucial items. Note, if there are undertaken any sports or leisure pursuits requiring specialist equipment then you will need to add them to the list.
Remember that most camp sites are in rural areas, and so buying items you have forgotten may be more difficult than you are used to trying so best to take as many necessities with you as possible.

  • Basic Equipment:
  • Kitchen:
  • Food Preparation:
  • Lighting:
  • Clothes:
  • Hygiene:
  • Other:
• Tent (inner and flysheet)
• Poles
• Guy ropes
• Stakes/pegs
• Hammer or mallet
• Groundsheet
• Camping bed, airbed or foam sleeping mat
• Sleeping bag
• Air pump
• Pillow
• Blanket
• Camping stove
• Stove fuel
• Barbecue grill
• Charcoal
• Fire lighters
• Lighter/matches
• Cool box
• BBQ utensils
• Rubbish bags
• Washing up liquid
• Sponge or scrub pad
• Washing up bowl
• Water container
• Pots & pans
• Sharp knives
• Kitchen utensils
• Cutlery
• Can opener
• Bottle opener
• Tea towels
• Cutting board
• Plates
• Cups
• Tuperware boxes for left overs and picnics etc
• Paper towels
• Aluminium foil
• Salad bowl
• Water container
• Food, tea and coffee making equipment
• Condiments
• Torch
• Spare batteries
• Lantern
• Lantern fuel
• Warm clothes (lots of layers)
• Coats and waterproofs
• Shoes
• Hiking boots
• Swimsuit
• Night clothes
• Hats
• Sunglasses
• Gloves
• Wash bag
• Towels
• Slip on shoes for night trips to the loo
• Toilet rolls
• Insect repellent
• Shaver
• First aid kit
• Sun cream
• Lip balm
• Tissues
• Camping chairs
• Camping table
• Pocket knife
• Rope/string
• Candles
• Backpack/rucksack
• Money belt
• Fishing rod & tackle
• Frisbee, football, games
• Beach toys • Kite
• Bikes
• Umbrella
• Mobile phone and charger
• Camera
• Binoculars
• Maps
• Pen and paper
• Cash and credit cards
• Playing cards
• Washing line and pegs
• Dustpan and brush
• Books
• Wet suit, snorkel and flippers

Hint – once you have decided from the above camping checklist what to take, keep your own camping checklist as it will make your next trip much easier.

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